Pregnancy and Labor Support Services

In addition to offering Pregnancy Massage to alleviate physical discomfort and/or stress, I am also a DONA certified Birth Doula. I received my first certification from Birth Israel in Jerusalem, Israel in 2007 and have attended over 90 births.

What is a Doula?*
The Birth Doula assists a woman and her partner during labor to help them cope with the physical and emotional demands of birth. 

Why should I use a birth doula? *
Numerous clinical studies have found that both mothers and babies benefit when a doula is present during birth, according to DONA (Doulas of North America), one of the foremost doula-accrediting organizations.

The positive effects for mothers, according to these studies, include:*

  • Shorter labors with fewer complications
  • Reduced incidence of cesareans
  • Reduced use of pitocin (a drug used to induce or augment labor)
  • Reduced use forceps or vacuum extraction (techniques to help with delivery)
  • Reduced requests for pain medication and epidurals
  • Reduced incidence of postpartum depression
  • Mothers report increased satisfaction with the birth process
  • Mothers make more positive assessments of their babies

The positive effects for babies, according to DONA’s review of the evidence-based literature, include:*

  • Shorter hospital stays with fewer admissions to special care nurseries
  • Babies breastfeed more easily
  • Mothers are more affectionate

*From website

Doula Services:
Birth Attending includes Pre and Post Partum Meetings      $1200
Belly Casting                                                                  $150

Related Massage Services:
Comfort Measures/Relaxation Techniques for Birth Partners:
60 minute session in your home                                       $150

Infant Massage class for Parents and Their Babies
60 minute session in your home                                       $150