Massage is one of the most effective modalities which helps promote long-term well-being.  During a massage session, I will use a combination of various techniques to address your needs. After consulting with you and reviewing your health history I will create a session specifically designed to meet your treatment goals.

Depending on you your needs, sessions may include:
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Zen Shiatsu
Thai Massage 
Aromatherapy -  I use Floracopeia essential oils in my treatments.

Massage Therapy:
60 Minute Session          $150
90 Minute Session          $200
Aromatherapy Session    $165

Infant Massage class for Parents and Their Infants:
60 Minute Session          $150

Comfort Measures and Relaxation Techniques for Birth Partners:
60 Minute Session          $150


All rates above are for in-home massage or hospital setting.